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Mar 3, 2012 7:00am PST
. >>marty: those powerful storms that hit the area, yesterday. this is video out of southern indiana. some towns have been obliterated. 31 people have been killed in three states. dozens of tornadoes. the great lakes to the death toll is likely to rise as today progresses. crushing entire blocks of homes and kentucky, ohio. even causing cars are rd on roadways. >>isabel: in san francisco driving could be more expensive the first public meeting on proposed changes with the $20 million public deficit the city transportation agencies want to add more parking meters. and increasing public transportation fees they could see an increase on the $3. there would be no more free parking on sundays. and off feeding that the meter would bixby extended until 9:00 a.m. -- and for those hoping to try to use muni? no breaks there. how about going to the sierras? it is going to be a beautiful with perfect conditions for skiers and the snow boarders. this is from a kirkwood. at least 6 ft. of fresh powder in the some of the parts of the sierras. this is part of the blast from the sierras. from the pacific n
Mar 4, 2012 8:00am PST
tornadoes. here is new video out of indiana, kentucky and ohio. 30 people have been killed in five states including alabama and georgia. emergency officials are continuing to look for survivors. >> the scene is striking in westwood, ky. roads have been impossible but finally they're able to get some larger equipment in here. first responders have been here for a while. the storm came in friday afternoon. there is the town hall. that building was built in the '60s, it is really torn up. a reinforced cinderblock concrete. kentucky is the hardest hit. 17 of the 37 fatalities are in this state. >>marty: in the east bay, classes will resume at it nausea valley high school in concord. it is the first year schools and tasted and try to take his own life. yesterday, a crisis team was on hand to discuss friday's incident. a ninth grader try to harm himself during class. officials say their deep concern about the welfare of their students. campus were the four students that intervened immediately and prevented a tragedy from happening on our campus. >>marty: there is no word if the student w
Mar 18, 2012 8:00am PDT
continuing coverage of the presidential primary race. >> police in indiana stick by teenagers were injured after a shooting on st. patrick's day weekend. to the marlins in critical condition. police or already in the area and checking account a report of young people writing when they heard gunfire. the 14 year-old "lin-sanity" program were seriously injured >>henry: we are here with christine policy. she is an activist, organizer, dr. and attorney. she is our guest. faugh >>henry: welcome to campaign decamps. that is the book by christine pilosi, political -- full activist, organizer, attorney and daughter of the minority leader. thank you for joining us. first of all, the book is a way for a grass roots people to get involved in politics? >> absolutely. figures for having me. i have travelled the country with an ipad and my daughter doing a series of campaign boot camps. we were meeting people who were interested in channeling their emotions in to political actions. >>henry: for people, there who really did not like politics but really care about issues that want to have some say
Mar 24, 2012 7:00am PDT
basket. >> kentucky/indiana. kentucky is number one in the country. with more talent more than likely for of the first-round choices. gilchrist darius miller 35-2 is there now baylor there will face. the newest warrior shopping hoping to shake a injury. >> it is a push-polling both directions. we're hoping the best and if we are fortunate enough. on the to not want to go to the olympic games if it is the cost of my team. >>gary: maybe have them pro review, financially? {laughter} >>gary: the arnold palmer's tournament at tiger woods and shot a 65 yesterday. a code- liter at -10. i know people do not a co-lite the leader is shad by one other. and can boil, of the sharks, marlow of the sharks were on hand and dan boyle and the pedriatic unit trying to put choi in children's lives. >>isabel: 7:28. stormtracker 4 we will be seen all that for this weekend >>isabel: this desperate search continues. dahlin reports on the recent developments of zero lamar. >>reporter: the fbi and plainclothes investigators - of da lin. >> i was hoping that she was actually a runaway. and she would have possibly b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4